Heeyoung Lee


In his small hometown on the outskirts of Seoul, Korea, Heeyoung experienced a gradient of dense, urban conditions to expansive agricultural landscapes. He and his sister supported and inspired each other through their rigorous education, which focused on painting and sculpture from middle school until college. He went on to graduate with a BFA in Industrial and Visual Communication Design from Seoul National University and worked in Korea as a graphic designer and researcher in design management. Once he identified landscape architecture as the better focus of his design talent, he moved to the US to pursue his MLA at Rhode Island School of Design, where he was a recipient of the Awards of Excellence and student travel grant for study abroad. Since joining Reed Hildebrand in 2007, Heeyoung has managed projects at the Clark Art Institute, Harvard Business School, MIT, Bennington College, and also played a leading role in many of residential projects in New England region. He spends his spare time gardening, playing with his children, and cooking Korean/ Asian-fusion cuisine.