2020 Nov 17

Cleveland Garden Club Welcomes Reed Hilderbrand

Rowdy Meadow, Hunting Valley, Ohio. Image courtesy of Paul Sobota.

On October 27, Principals Beka Sturges and John Kett gave a virtual presentation to over 250 attendees from a joint session of the Cleveland Garden Club and Shaker Lakes Garden Club with guests from around the country and abroad. Entitled “From Garden to Park: The Landscape Works of Reed Hilderbrand,” the talk explored the essential cultural considerations within projects of all scales. Topics ranged from the reconstruction of historical landforms made of chalk deposits at Marshcourt, a 65-acre private residence in the UK, to reimagining the Clark Art Institute’s 140-acre campus in the Berkshire hills of Western Massachusetts. On adapting Frederick Law Olmsted’s plan for Franklin Park in Boston to meet current community needs John remarked, “We always think, like Beka said, about our work as a part of a larger continuum. How does our work build on the intentions of the past and project them into the future? We’re constantly having to adapt and respond.”