2023 May 01

Planting at Richard Gilder Center Progressing

Planting Theodore Roosevelt Park in Manhattan progressed this week as we close in on May 4, when The American Museum of Natural History will welcome the public to their Richard Gilder Center for Science, Education, and Innovation.

Even as soaring reviews arrive, the park will remain a work in progress through early summer, when we’ll see you and Manhattan’s Upper West Side community for a proper debut celebration.

The park renovations address ~85,000 square feet of the park, creating new gathering areas, expanded circulation, supplemental plantings, and enhanced park infrastructure. Reed Hilderbrand and the museum developed the design in conversation with the Park Working Group, a body created at the outset of design representing local elected officials, community organizations, and government agencies.

Planting progressed at the Gilder Center throughout the month of May, 2023.