2023 Mar 20

Soils Field Guide in LAM

Landscape Architecture Magazine’s Timothy A. Schulyer writes in the March 2023 issue on the role of soils in the strategies driving our Cambridge Urban Forest Master Plan. LAM visits with Bryant Scharenbroch, Associate Professor in the College of Natural Resources at The University of Wisconsin-Stevens, who contributed significantly to our work. Bryant explains that poor soils are always a factor for health regardless of the tree’s age. Even for mature trees, poor soils are catalysts for other pests and diseases. In addition to weakening tree defenses, these causes can pose a greater risk to immunocompromised individuals.

To give foresters in Cambridge, Massachusetts, a tool to easily evaluate and mitigate common soils issues,” writes Schuyler, Reed Hilderbrand and a team of specialists developed the Cambridge Soils Management Field Guide.” Eric Kramer says, “The whole goal was to be super practical. We literally printed [the guide] as little books they can take in the truck.”

A user-friendly soils manual communicates the soils assessment and treatments to the forestry staff. (Courtesy of Casey Preston/White Birch Media)