2016 Jun 09

Twenty-Three Promotions for 2016

Eleanor Tinsley Garden, Buffalo Bayou Park, Houston TX
Courtesy James Ewing/OTTO

Reed Hilderbrand is honored to announce the promotion of 23 individuals this year. We are privileged to work alongside such extraordinary colleagues whose expanded responsibilities now strengthen the firm’s design practices and research initiatives, advance its capacity for leadership in our field, and grow and diversify the firm’s administration. The collective dedicated efforts of these individuals have made possible the realization of a growing body of work and will situate Reed Hilderbrand to take on ever more ambitious and significant projects in the years ahead.​

Associate Principal

Joseph James

Senior Associates

Leah Broder
Adrian Fehrmann
Elizabeth Randall


Leslie Carter
Jean-Paul Charboneau
Geoff Fritz
John Fishback
Nick Glase
Meg Griscom
Ryan Ives
Jeremy Martin
Elise Nash
Garrett Newton
Matthew Soule

Senior Designers

Christina Sohn
Heeyoung Lee
Zenobia Meckley
Sarah Nitchman


Scott Geiger, Marketing Director
Cathy Langan, Finance Director
Peter McGillicuddy, Culture Director
Adrian Nial, Practice Director