Anya Sheldon

Marketing and Communications Specialist

Anya hails from Williamstown, Massachusetts, where long, exploratory walks through town brought her to fields and farmland, mysterious infrastructure, and the banks of the Hoosic River. As a studio art major, environmental studies minor, and technical assistant in the theatre department at Wellesley College, Anya found a sense of direction through the Paulson Initiative, a program that fostered connection with the campus landscape. During her summer internship, she discovered a love of bugs, trees, and maps and learned about landscape architecture. With the realization that many landscapes in her life had been touched by Reed Hilderbrand, she joined the firm’s marketing team in 2020. Anya’s work advances the practice’s high standards for communicating design intent in projects at all stages of development, and her role supports the marketing team, principals, and senior leadership in the pursuit of new business. In her free time, Anya likes to care for plants, make art, and explore places on foot.