Chenxin Zhao


Growing up in Taiyuan, China, Chenxin felt a sense of peace in her city’s traditional gardens and noticed that even simple green corners in the urban environment evoked different feelings in people. Following her love of nature, she earned a BELA from Beijing Forestry University. During her MLA program at University of Virginia School of Architecture, Chenxin won the VA ASLA Merit Award in Design for project on the restoration of ecological communities of a former quarry site on the James River. With internship experience at Turenscape Landscape Architecture in Beijing and Coen+Partners in Minneapolis, she came to Reed Hilderbrand in 2022 and now contributes to Aslan Foundation’s Eugenia William House in Knoxville and Harvard University’s Allston campus public realm in Boston. In her free time, she likes to play tennis and travel. Her dream is to explore and experience different cultures all over the world.