Grace Shaine Wong

Senior Designer

Grace Shaine Wong received her Master in Landscape Architecture from the University of Toronto, where she graduated with Faculty’s Academic Honors and an ASLA Certificate of Honor. She completed her Bachelor of Arts in Landscape Studies from the University of Hong Kong with First Class Honors and Dean’s Honors. Her thesis at the University of Toronto, The Constructive Destruction, explored landscape architectural strategies that alleviate the issue of unexploded ordnances and major environmental threats in post-war Cambodia. It was awarded the John E. (Jack) Irving Prize and was selected for the exhibition “Changing Places” in UK. Shaine is also an avid dancer, previously a team captain. While interning in Reed Hilderbrand, Shaine worked on the research project Best Practices for Street Tree Planting, which through field studies, diagraming, and mappings she complied planting recommendations for the City of New Haven. She is currently the project designer for Water Street Tampa and Vanderbilt University’s campus​.