Rhea Schmid


Rhea Schmid earned a Master of Architecture from Yale School of Architecture, where she was a Teaching Fellow and Equality in Design Coordinator. Rhea was awarded the William Wirt Winchester and the Gertraud A. Wood Traveling Fellowships upon graduation for her collective body of design work and academic performance. She also holds a Bachelor of Architecture from Barnard College, where she received the Stabenau Prize in German. A member of Reed Hilderbrand in New Haven, Rhea served as a post-graduate fellow for Yale’s Jim Vlock Building Project in 2020 and as a first-year team member in 2018. Prior to joining Reed Hilderbrand, she interned at practices in the Philippines, Switzerland, New York City, and Helsinki, where she worked at OOPEAA. Rhea is currently working on commissions for private residences in Long Island and Connecticut, Storm King, and Yale University.