Rosslyn Plaza

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Redevelopment of two city blocks overlooking the Potomac River will significantly enhance the pedestrian realm, creating a highly programmed, active urban square and living streetd, inspired by the Dutch Woonerf.

Vornado and Gould Properties invited Reed Hilderbrand to develop master planning and design services for the new Rosslyn Plaza. This northern Virginia commercial epicenter, ten minutes from the White House, five minutes from the Department of State, was conceived around twentieth century architectural and planning values. Changing expectations from tenants in this intense commercial real estate market requires innovative thinking to attract leading firms and residents.

Rosslyn Plaza includes approximately 2.5 acres of new highly usable, accessible and programmable open space to benefit the entire Arlington community. The opportunity to create open space of this scale and quality is rare. The redevelopment plan focuses on urban place-making in the context of civic and community goals. It’s based on smart growth principles including creating a strong sense of place, pedestrian networks, open space, multi-modal connectivity, and a mix of uses including office, residential and retail.

Rosslyn Plaza’s internal car-free environment, providing a much-needed pedestrian zone and inviting destinations, goes a long way toward achieving a 24-7 live-work neighborhood.

Toward the goal of daytime and evening activity, as a 24-7 live-work neighborhood, the plan establishes a series of linked open spaces, enhanced pedestrian connectivity and carefully considered programming. Beyond the residents and occupants of the five mixed-use buildings, others will be drawn by well-crafted open spaces, activity zones, retail concentration and public art. Each outdoor open space is integrated with the surrounding landscape and street networks to deliver unique, flexible and attractive spaces usable throughout the year.


Arlington, VA




5.8 acres