Fundo Tic Toc

As a rare accessible landing point within the Corcovado National Park, Tic Toc is a threshold to the wilderness beyond.
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Tucked into Chile’s remote Patagonian fjords, a privately-held 570-acre promontory overlooks Tic-Toc Marine Park. We planned a strictly low-intervention project tuned to specific local skills and management capacities to allow its owners to access and know the land. The size of the project and remoteness of the site required the team to collect data through creative measures, including field measurements and in person assessment.

Unlike any other Reed Hilderbrand work, this project focuses on research about the habitat, species, and ecological interactions in one of Patagonia’s most biodiverse regions. Surrounded by Corcovado National Park by land and Tic Toc Marine Park by sea, the site is a privately held parcel encompassing the only accessible portion of a vast conservation territory assembled by the late conservation visionary Douglas Tompkins. Our project is inspired by and seeks to live up to high ideals.

Reed Hilderbrand’s primary role in developing a landscape framework for Tic Toc was to assist the owner in pursuing his conservation ideals and quality of life while building a framework for future decisions about stewardship and outreach. The framework proposes a careful and deliberate strategy for enabling site access through ecologically-informed operations that restore and support native habitats. Ultimately, the framework will enhance and preserve Tic Toc as a landscape for contemplating our coexistence with the wildest parts of the Earth.


Los Lagos Region, Chile




570 acres




  • 2017 ASLA Honor Award for Analysis and Planning