Family Retreat

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This 50-acre property in southern New Hampshire epitomizes the region’s familiar glacial pattern of drumlins rising out of lowland woods.

Some twenty years ago, however, the lowland underwent a massive change: beavers dammed the drainageways, flooding the red maple swamps and permanently altering the hydrology, vegetation, and spatial patterns of a vast area. The owners revere this land and passionately believe in the transcendental power of nature to provide spiritual serenity and sustenance. They lead active lives primarily outdoors. Walking is a daily ritual. Habitat is nurtured. Produce grows organically. Family events are celebrated in the landscape. And at the end of their lives, family members will be buried on site. To bring the site’s unusual variety more directly into their daily lives, we capitalized on the unique dynamics of the site’s altered hydrology, managing the disturbed forest toward a more open and accessible condition, developing a series of ponds and wetlands, and constructing a network of boardwalks and trails throughout.


New Hampshire




400 acres