Tanglewood Linde Center for Music and Learning

Courtesy Robert Benson
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Sited on a ridge overlooking Ozawa Hall, this sequence of pavilions and halls by William Rawn is the new home for year-round education and events at Tanglewood.

A cultural and musical respite from city life, Tanglewood Music Center has hosted notable musicians and established a tradition of educating young musicians. The new Tanglewood Learning Institute will expand and strengthen that mission through year-round events and education opportunities, based at the the Linde Center. A multi-use, multi-season four-building complex, the Linde Center provides state-of-the-art rehearsal and concert spaces, as well as a home for multimedia education and lecture programs. It will also make the seasonal campus a year-round facility.

Reed Hilderbrand is charged with the integration of these new facilities into the life of the Tanglewood campus and with creating a new, optimized campus entryway from Hawthorne Road. Renovations to nearby Ozawa Gate, too, will open views of the campus from the outside, inviting visitors to step through and meander through winding trails. What was envisioned as a single, 40,000 square foot facility is now a micro-campus of its own, nestling into Tanglewood’s tree-dotted grounds.


Lenox, MA




6 acres




  • “Linde Center for Music and Learning by William Rawn Associates” by Beth Broome, Architectural Record , August 2019
  • 2021 AIA Award for Interior Architecture