Dumbarton Oaks Museum

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Harvard University’s Dumbarton Oaks Research Library and Collection is an icon of Washington, D.C. Its setting is one of the most admired gardens in North America, designed over a thirty-year period by the landscape architect Beatrix Farrand.

The landscape alone bears cultural significance dating back to 1652 and it was the scene of the 1944 Dumbarton Oaks Conference that laid the groundwork for the United Nations. Today, Dumbarton Oaks serves as a home for the humanities and public horticulture.

Harvard University selected Selldorf Architects with Reed Hilderbrand in 2019 to study the renovation of the Gardener’s Lodge and Court for renovations at the western edge of the property. Originally the project would produce a modernized center for grounds operations. Through pre-design we developed the childhood teaching and education programs conceived of as Farrand House and worked with leadership to reframe the Gardener’s Court as a landscape of welcome and engagement, revealing to the public operations as well as research and scholarship that allow the institution to meet its mission. The project also includes a significant modernization of the historic greenhouse, which will continue to serve as the center of operations.


Washington D.C.




2 acres