Monte Vista

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The owners of the Monte Vista Garden returned to the community of their childhood and brought about the profound renewal of a site of local heritage. Though somewhat worn by the late 1990s, the property demonstrated great assets that were revived to restore the property’s rich feel and create a graceful setting for contemporary family life.

The unusually wide dimensions of this residential site in San Antonio’s historic Monte Vista neighborhood have been exploited for spatial expansiveness. Linear plantings and walks stretch across the full width of the double lot, developing longer oblique views of the house and its terraces. The character of the site is amplified by strengthening the Live Oak, Cedar Elm, and Pecan canopies and by organizing layered bands of Eastern Redbud, Abelia, Nandina, Crape Myrtle, and perennials. The precious and subtle qualities of water in this arid landscape are expressed by carving a narrow channel across Texas limestone walks and stairs.


San Antonio, Texas




2.5 acres